King of Dragons, King of Men by Emily Veinglory
Samhain Publishing
GLBT Fantasy (M/M/F)
ISBN: 1-59998-330-3
Reviewed by Sabella



William is a knight of little importance, so he keeps to himself to avoid situations that could place him or his holdings in peril.  He serves his baron, and therefore his king, to the best of his ability while trying to be inconspicuous.  On the eve of his first battle a strange being, surely a devil, approaches him with a bargain he can’t refuse…his wife’s bastard unborn child in exchange for saving his foster brother’s life.  Regardless of his choice, the consequences are damning.  How will he live with whatever choice he makes?

Allen is a knight errant and happily so.  His family prefers that he stays as far away as possible and he obliges them by offering his expertise to any that have a need of a knight in the kingdom.  However, he has always harbored an illicit love for his foster brother, William, that seems hopeless.  That is until William begins to change in inexplicable ways.

Margaret was sent by the king to marry William for reasons that no one understands.  She has made her peace with the marriage, but has been unable to pierce her husband’s reserve to create a “true” marriage.  While chasing William to a battlefield she meets Allen, where they find that they both have an affinity for each other and a strong love for William.

Unknown to them there are mysterious forces at work pushing them towards a goal that none understand.  William is tortured with visits by a devil that grants him strange abilities that are as extraordinary as they are hampering.  Meanwhile, Margaret is unknowingly acting in the devil’s behalf in this strange quest while trying to gain her husbands love.  Allen throughout it all helps William and Margaret with his stalwart support.

 King of Dragons, King of Men is a true fantasy tale that involves great magical beings and ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.  The story creates a believable magical but ordinary world that begs to be explored.  Throughout the tale William, Allen and Margaret explore the morass of morals that is created by the love of two men and one woman.   The description of the characters and their internal conflicts is overly detailed, but the story is entertaining nonetheless. 

King of Dragons, King of Men is an entertaining fantasy tale with elements of romance; however the romance stops at the bedroom door.  I recommend King of Dragons, King of Men if you are looking for an elaborate fantasy tale with elements of implied romance.


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