Just This Once by Trista Ann Michaels
Fantasy/Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 1-60186-125-7
Reviewed by Tanya



Lorana Kane has loved and lusted after Brett since she was a kid.  She knows he has seen she is now a woman but, for some reason, she can’t seem to get him to act on the obvious attraction, no matter what she does.

Brett knows Lorana lusts after him and, for that matter, he is hard every time she is around.  The problem is that he promised her brother, his best friend, long ago that he will never touch her.  Since Lorana’s brother, Jorval, is the closest thing to family that Brett has ever had, he will not break this promise, no matter how hard it is for either him or Lorana.

When Brett lets slip that he is going back to his friends’ fantasy planet for the rest of his break, Lorana finally sees her chance.  She secretly books a week on the planet and works with the owners to be the one that Brett sees on the first night.  When he tries to make her return home she has them locked into a glass room.  When he finally gives in “Just This Once” will it really be enough for either of them.  How will they deal with Jorval if it is not?

Just This Once is another steamy offering by Trista Ann Michaels.  She is becoming one of my favorite authors who know how to tell the age-old story of a woman who desires a man who is her roommate/friend/brothers friend, and take the story to another level.  In Just This Once I am rooting for Lorana all the way, and not wanting to reveal the ending I won’t tell you if she succeeds in making the blockheaded Brett see what she is offering.  A good steamy spring read with a little futuristic fantasy thrown in for good measure, Trista Ann Michaels has a wonderful offering with Just This Once.


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