Jason Taylor Kissed Me by Rebecca Ruger
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Jason Taylor had kissed Maddy.  The Jason Taylor, someone she’d known for years, he was her brother’s best friend, and now he was the man who had kissed her.  She should have known mentioning this to her sister, Jenna, was a bad idea, but it seemed everyone in her family knew.  Maybe this was the start of something, but she’d known Jason since school.  Perhaps she was reading more into his kiss than there was, or maybe what her family, and his family, thought might be true.

After all, Jason Taylor had kissed Maddy.

The aptly named Jason Taylor Kissed Me was an enjoyable story if you’re looking for a story to read during a quick respite.  I was impressed with the character and storyline development.  In fact, I was very impressed by Rebecca Ruger in writing such a memorable, fun and cute story in so few pages.  I just hope that she’ll write longer novels in the future.


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