Janusí Conquest by Dawn Ryder
Hunters Series, Book 3
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Futuristic
ISBN: 9781419910715
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Her father branded a traitor, and sent into the penal colony he once patrolled, Fay resigns herself to joining him when it is time for her to verbalize her choice. She just wishes that she had been a bit bolder where hunter Janus was concerned. Fully aware of his prowess as both a man and hunter, Fay refuses to do the one thing he demands of her; submit.

Janus doesnít believe that Fayís father committed treason and vows to protect her from unlawful hunters desiring to capture her for their own.  He has an ulterior motive however because Fay is destined to be his.  She wonít accept it, she refuses to give him her submission, but Janus wants her anyway.  It will take a ton of patience and many steamy encounters to make Fay completely his.  Janus canít wait to get started on the one woman who completes him.

Dawn Ryder has done it again. She has written a novel of worth that I completely adored.  Snatching up Janusí Conquest on release day and I settled in for what I hope would be a worthy continuation of her hunter stories.  I was not disappointed.  Fay challenged Janus at every turn and I found myself smiling more than once at his acceptance of Fay, as well as the love he had for her.  Fay is stubborn, somewhat naÔve, but very loyal.  Her love for both her father and Janus was without falter and I like that in a heroine.

Janusí Conquest is a perfect continuation of Dawn Ryderís world of hunters.  I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to future installments.  Ms. Ryderís style of writing makes you crave everything she writes and I canít wait to see if Fayís father gets his own story!  Hurry Ms. Ryder!  The wait is killing me!


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