It Happened One Christmas Eve by Jodici Belle
Cobblestone Press
Fantasy/Romantic Comedy/Christmas
ISBN: 978-1-6008-8077-3
Reviewed by Klarissa



Curious about the earth plane, Ka’ael, an elf, got a job at the North Pole.  When his time at the North Pole was up and hearing all the wonders of America from a  human male, Ka’ael wanted to experience everything for himself.  Setting out from his world and now leaving the North Pole, Ka’ael finds himself thrown into life with Audrey.  She’s beautiful and fascinating; she’s completely drawn his attention.  Meeting Audrey turned out to be quite an experience when she mistakes him for someone wanting to hurt her. 

Ka’ael is intrigued by her actions and finds he wants to grant her a Christmas wish.  Whatever her heart desires.

It Happened One Christmas Eve is a short tale that brings to life the spirit of Christmas in a unique way.  Ka’ael wants to find out what Audrey desires most and grant her that wish.  Yet these two quickly become attracted making sparks fly across the pages.  When Audrey does make her wish, it involves the both of them.  I enjoyed this story very much.  For a Christmas story this is definitely one to curl up by the fire with.


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