Island of Temptation by Claire Thompson
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Contemporary M/M
ISBN: 9781419909498
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lawyer Donovan McNair makes a last minute decision to utilize the cruise tickets he purchased with his now ex-girlfriend.  Not very successful at relationships, Donovan misses someone being with him but he doesnít really miss his ex-girlfriend. He plans to spend the cruise relaxing and getting some much needed down time.

Artist Sam Jamison is so glad he used the cruise ticket his friend and wannabe lover, Tim, gave him.  Not sure if he wants to be in a relationship with Tim, Sam figures heíll have a relaxing vacation and will make personal decisions later.  Watching people on the ship, Samís eyes take in a beautiful man.  Handsome, golden and extremely virile looking, Sam knows instinctively that the man is not for someone like him.  He canít help but wish differently.

Each man enjoys the cruise until the unthinkable happens and they find themselves alone on a deserted island with no one to depend on but themselves and each other.  Their desire for each other seems real, but is it only because they have no one else? What happens when they are rescued?

Island of Temptation was the first homoerotic love story I have ever read by Claire Thompson and it pretty much knocked my socks off.  Donovan and Sam each had their own ghosts, but salvation was found when they decided to rely upon each other. Their actions and moods were typical male and their loving and desires were blazing.  The only thing hotter than their passion was the island sand under their feet. 

Poignant and very steamy, I read Island of Temptation in one sitting and it is now happily ensconced on my keeper shelf.  I think Claire Thompson has a winner and I really enjoyed reading a different genre for her.


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