In His Court by Nathan James
Forbidden Publications
ISBN: Not Assigned
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose



The place is Queens New York, a bright summer day.  Dale, a NYPD cop, was making his daily two-mile run.  He jogs by the basketball court and saw a familiar face.  Dale strides over to the man, and realizes itís his friend, Alvin, whom he has not seen for five years.

Alvin had been home for two weeks, discharged from the Air Force and returning to civilian life.  Alvin, glad to see his friend, suggested they play basketball and catch up on each otherís current life.

In His Court is a journey of discovery and a renewal of friendship.  Nathan James illustrated the meaning of acceptance of friends.  I enjoyed the revelations of Dale and Alvin, and their reactions. 

In His Court is a good read with enough intensity to keep you turning the pages


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