Hunting Hawk by Jade James
Loose Id
Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-1-59632-451-0
Reviewed by Nannette



In the year 2060 the President of the United States signed a treaty declaring that paranormals and humans were to be treated equally.  Five years later, paranormals and humans don’t exactly coincide peacefully.  The United Nations disbanded from the President with the intention of destroying all paranormals. 

Hawk Taurin is a werewolf and the leader of the paranormal ops unit.  Eva Long is the newest member of Hawk’s team.  Eva and Hawk have a tumultuous past, so at first there is more pain than pleasure when they see each other again.

The unit is ordered to track down and capture an evil vampire named Derek Festus.  Derek captured, tortured and turned Eva years ago, and Hawk intends to make the vamp pay for it.   While they battle to capture Derek, Hawk and Eva battle to fight their feelings for each other as well, but this is one battle they both want to lose.

Hunting Hawk is a very sexy and thrilling story.  The slightly darker edge in it appeals to me as much as the romance.  Eva is strong, beautiful and full of fire.  Hawk is intense, possessive, and all alpha male.  They create a lot of heat both in and out of bed!   Hunting Hawk is hot, romantic and exciting.


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