Hungry Eyes by Raven Willow-Wood
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Indy



The last of a breed of shape shifting panthers, Ruggero, is tasked with keeping his princess Bredemante safe and out of the clutches of the Wizard Balthazar.  A surreptitious attack on the castle leaves the princess vulnerable and Ruggero is forced to take his human shape if heís ever to stay free long enough to find his princess and return her to her castle safe and sound.  Unaware that her pet panther is the man who causes her innocent body to fluctuate wildly with desire, Bredemante doesnít know what to do when her loyalty to her pet clashes with her need for this new stranger.

Hungry Eyes left me hungry all right, for a lot more story.  I understand that sometimes itís hard to come up with new and innovative ways to tell the tried and true shifter story, but sometimes too little plot leaves a reader like myself disappointed.  Raven Willow-Woodís story was decent but just lacked something substantial that would allow me in good faith to recommend it to friends or lovers of paranormal.  Ruggero and Bredemanteís innocence was so over the top that it was hard to see not only how these two would make it out, but also if they could figure out how to fall in love.  I can see that this author has tons of possibilities and Iím interested in seeing where she goes next.  Hungry Eyes was just not the story for me.


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