His Private Dancer by Emma Petersen
A Girlís Guide to Dating the Evil Undead
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-120-6
Reviewed by Bella March



Nina is a librarian by day.  But at night, she allows her alter ego to surface.  Working part time at an exclusive gentlemanís club, Nina becomes the wild, sensuous burlesque dancer, Lola.  Late one night after dancing, a customer requests to meet her.  One of her hard and fast rules is to never meet any of the paying members.  But, for some reason, this time she chooses to ignore her own rule.

Wealthy, sexy Cristian is a man used to getting what he wants.   What he wants is Lola and heíll do whatever he can to see that he gets her.

From the moment they meet, Nina feels thereís more to Cristian than meets the eye.  He masterfully wines her, dines her, seduces her and leaves her panting for more.  Oh yes, and thereís that little detail that heís a vampire.  Love is complicated in the best of situations, but when you love someone who is old enough to be your distant ancestor, it takes complicated to a whole new level.

After reading the blurb of His Private Dancer, my interest was piqued.  I eagerly delved into the story, wanting to see how a vampire and librarian come together and how theyíd explore Ninaís wild side.  The story is set with sumptuous dark woods and rich velvets, even a chauffeur who speaks an old, mostly forgotten language.  The sex is explosive and the intimate connection is almost palpable between Nina and Cristian.  But thatís where Emma Petersen lost me.  When Nina turns to her sister for help during a pivotal point in the story, her sister isnít shocked to learn that vampires exist.  In fact, she winds up bringing in another vampire to aid her sister in her time of need!   Since she never sets the reader up as to how this could be plausible for her characters, it leaves me feeling like a big chunk of the story is missing.   While the characters are engaging, overall His Private Dancer didnít do it for me.  However, since I enjoyed Cristian and Nina, I believe Iíll be looking up Ms Petersen in the future and give her storytelling


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