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His Majesty, Prince of Toads by Delle Jacobs
Awe-Struck E-Books
Historical romance
ISBN: 1-58749-563-5
Reviewed by Sharon



To avoid a major scandal, Lieutenant Lucas Deverall marries Sophie von Scharnburg and they part ways right after the ceremony.  Sophie leaves broken-hearted because she realizes that her unspoken love for Lucas will never be returned and Lucas leaves disgusted because he believes Sophie is a little hussy who tricked him into marriage. 

Now six years later, Lucas has returned home from war and discovers that the gangly girl he left behind has grown into a desirable woman; however he still doesn’t want Sophie as a wife.  He also learns that his newly inherited title of viscount is burdened with debt.  The only feasible way to restore the title is to use the money from Sophie’s trust, and Lucas decides to woo the money away from his unwanted wife.  But Sophie doesn’t believe this toad will turn into a prince, and she decides that now it’s her turn for some payback.

His Majesty, the Prince of Toads is a perfect description of Lucas.  Very rarely do I come across a hero that I just don’t like initially.  Lucky for me, in Ms. Jacobs’ capable hands, Lucas does evolve and Sophie’s feelings (and mine) for Lucas do a 180-degree turn.  I admired Sophie’s strength of character when faced with Lucas’ disdain.  As a matter of pride, Sophie refuses to defend herself once she realizes Lucas isn’t really interested in the truth.   At times, this strength became a weakness and I wanted to hit Sophie upside the head, but since Lucas is also hardheaded they make a great match.  Speaking of great matches, there is a side story between the secondary characters, Lady Minerva Barrington and Lord George Carstairs.  Pick up His Majesty, the Prince of Toads and enjoy the ride of Sophie and Lucas.


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