Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare
Berkley Sensation
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 0-425-21260-2
Reviewed by Annmarie



When Tessa Novak witnesses the brutal murder of a teenage girl, she uses her skills as an investigative reporter to search for justice.  The mysterious leather jacket clad man she sees at the scene becomes her main suspect. 

The man wearing the leather jacket is not the killer, he is Julian Darcangelo, an undercover FBI agent.  Julian is working to shut down a human trafficker and murderer.

Tessa's search for the slain girl's killer is threatening Julian's cover and his investigation.  And it's not just Julian's cover that is being threatened by Tessa's quest, Tessa has come to the attention of the murderer and now her very life is in danger.

Hard Evidence is the sequel to Pamela Clare's novel Extreme Exposure and an incredibly delicious sequel it is!  I am drooling for Julian.  Drooooooling.  He makes me quiver.  And shiver.  And dream of hot alpha hunks of steel. 

But Hard Evidence is so much more than a Julian drool fest, it is a fast paced novel of heart pounding romance and fine tuned suspense.  I was entranced from beginning to end.


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