Giving Up the Ghost by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Laying a Ghost Series, Book 2
Loose Id
GLBT Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-424-4
Reviewed by Sabella



John and Nick are having problems, but John has no clue as to whatís going on and is feeling helpless in the face of the mess their relationship has become.   When he suggested that Nick start writing a book as a way to occupy his time during the winter months, he never expected the effort to absorb Nick to the point that they no longer relate to each other outside of bed.

Nick thinks he might be going crazy.  He hasnít come across any new ghosts in their remote island home in Scotland, but his dreams are becoming nightmares that are slowly driving him to the edge.  The worst thing about it all is that he canít tell John whatís going on inside his head.  Really, he doesnít trust himself, how can he expect John to do so?

Hard times are coming.  Nick and John need to face them together or their relationship might not survive.  They love each other, but if they arenít talking how are they going to maintain their connection?

Giving Up the Ghost is a touching story about what happens next after the boy gets the boy.  Nick is a tortured soul because of his ďpsychicĒ talents and he is perfectly foiled by John who is down-to-earth and impossible to unnerve.  Their difficulties are so real that you can easily see yourself making the same mistakes.  John and Nick never fail to draw you in and make you experience their struggle to stay together.  The emotional scenes are wrenching and the sensual scenes might melt your screen. 

Plan on getting Giving Up the Ghost and reading it soon.  Itís skillfully written and you will enjoy the journey with the characters.


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