Galleons and Gangplanks by Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, Mychael Black, and Willa Okati
Torquere Press
Erotic Historical Anthology
ISBN 978-1-60370-009-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Searching the Seas by Sean Michael

Abraham Sawyer was banished to St-Maryís where he lives happily enough.  When a band of pirates comes ashore, their captain forces Abraham to serve him on his ship.  Once there, Abraham is surprised to discover that the captain is no stranger to him and it seems that Abraham has found what he long thought lost to him forever.

I was surprised and delighted by the storyline in Searching the Seas.  Itís a romantic and sexy story.  Redding and Abraham are wonderful, passionate characters.   


The White City by Julia Talbot

Jeremiah Nettles is the first mate of the Adrianna.  He is captured by Hakim Reisí men and brought to Algiers.  Hakim is intrigued by his captive and decides not to send him to Sharim Reis as he is supposed to.  Jem is beginning to enjoy his captivity with the enigmatic Hakim when Sharim arrives and now, he may be playing the role of rescuer.

The White City has a great storyline. There is excitement, romance, and really hot sex. What more could you ask for?


Foolís Gold by Mychael Black

Ian Bowers is a pirate imprisoned in Port Royal.  Silas Christianson has come to set him free.  Silas wants Ianís help finding his fatherís hidden Spanish gold.  The men find treasure, and itís more valuable than gold, but is it enough to keep them together?

I fell in lust and then in love with Ian Bowers as he sauntered his sexy, witty self through the pages of Foolís Gold.  Silasí desires and hidden talents make him a surprising and perfect match for Ian.  Foolís Gold is a fun story with heat and heart!


Of Boats and Blue Beards by Willa Okati

The love of Christopherís life was lost at sea leaving Kit to live out his days with his abusive Uncle.  When Kit is sent on an errand down to the docks, he decides to leave for good but his situation has gone from bad to worse when Captain Jeremiah stumbles upon him.

Of Boats and Blue Beards is eerie and even a little scary.  This bittersweet tale held me enthralled from start to finish.  The story is ripe with anguish making the ending very satisfying.


Each of the stories in Galleons and Gangplanks are fantastic.  With the well-written authors behind these tales, this was not a surprise.  Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, Mychael Black, and Willa Okati have thoroughly impressed me with their writing talents once again.


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