Fleet Blade by Beth Kery
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Historical/Light Bondage
ISBN: 9781419909184
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Lora Alexander is liked by the society in which she mingles during the day.  During the night, however, she runs wild by sneaking around the town via tunnels under a river.  The wife of a London dandy, she is never called to task nor made to behave.  That is about to change when she meets a thief called Blade.

Blade, or rather, Sin Drake has been attracted to Lady Lora since he first snuck into her bedroom.  Hearing rumors and witnessing first hand her out of control behavior, Sin makes a bargain with the lovely lady.  Daring her to become his sexual plaything, Sin vows to teach her submission and discipline before something happens and she harms herself.  Easier said than done when the cards don’t fall just as Sin thought.  He is torn between wanting his hellion and wishing for a prim and proper maiden. 

Fleet Blade was not what I expected.  I expected to be irritated by the fact that Lora was married.  I wasn’t.  I expected to totally dislike Sin Drake.  I loved him.  I expected to be able to stop reading Fleet Blade anytime I wanted.  I couldn’t – I had to read it cover to cover simply because I HAD to find out what was going to happen next.  Full of surprises, sensual loving, and naughty bondage, I am happy that Fleet Blade was so far from what I expected.  It was a very good read and just what I needed to satisfy my bondage loving heart.   Beth Kery has a new fan.


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