Family Jewels by Rita Sable
Ellora’s Cave
Romantic Suspense/Light Bondage
ISBN: 9781419909009
Reviewed by Amelia



Jewelry designer Cynthia Lyons works long hard hours to hone her craft. One night she gets a strange phone call from a man who wants her to draw up an insurance certificate on a diamond. She takes the job and is amazed when he presents her with a beautiful, flawless Russian diamond. She tells him he can pick it up the next day, but he never returns. Several days later, her apartment is broken into and she fights off an attacker who is in search of the diamond

Trevor St. James is an Interpol recovery agent who is in New York to trace a diamond that was stolen from its owners by the Nazis. He knows that Cynthia’s break-in is related to his case, but she is being closed-mouthed to protect her client. After she and St. James decide that their attraction is mutual, she must decide whether she should tell him all she knows and help solve his case, or continue to protect the confidentiality of her client.

Family Jewels is a roller coaster ride of suspense and sensuality. This story pulled me in from the first page and held me spellbound until the last. I loved Cyn and Trevor. The heat between them is explosive and might well melt your computer circuit boards. Family Jewels is a story not to be missed. I hope to see more from Ms. Sable in the future.


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