Essence of Emerald by Ruby Storm
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Erotic Contemporary/ Ménage a Trois
ISBN: 9781419907678
Reviewed by Indy



Having the hots for your fiancé’s best friend doesn’t bode well for a happily–ever–after ending.  Emerald can’t help that she’s turned on by Jay, Mark’s childhood friend, who is the epitome of sex appeal.  Unable to move forward with their wedding plans with this hanging over her head, Emerald has to come clean.  How Mark reacts will determine if the two of them can move forward, or if her intimate desires will tear apart her chance at happiness and a lifelong friendship.

Can the best of friends become lovers in order to fulfill a deep-rooted desire, is the question.  Ruby Storm takes on this question with Mark and Emerald; two lovers who have it all, soul mates, money and unquenchable passion, yet one of the two is fantasizing about someone else.  Jay, the recipient of Emerald’s naughty thoughts, is the innocent and loyal friend who would never do anything to hurt his relationship with either of them.  I’m sure you would figure that all of this together would make for an exciting tale of shared love.  However, something was missing for me.  It could have been that by the time they had talked it over and planned it to the hilt, I’d lost a little interest.  I’m sure this is the behavior of normal mature adults, but the planning of the encounter took away the spontaneity and as a result, the excitement for me.  Essence of Emerald is a well-written story that just didn’t have the hunger and exhilaration I would expect from a threesome.  Essence of Emerald is still a good story and one I’m sure numerous readers will enjoy.


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