Day Of Reckoning by Carol McKenzie
Forbidden Publications
Reviewed by Rosemary



When Blue McClellan, the son of a wealthy Wyoming rancher, meets Jack Freeman, a bull rider from the rodeo circuit, sparks fly.  Blue stepped inside of Jack’s travel trailer.  Jack had bad news for Blue, but Jack could not bring himself to tell Blue face to face.  Jack was leaving to go on the rodeo circuit; he was broke and had no other alternative.

After Jack left, Blue felt rejected and to make matters worse, he felt rejected by his parents.  Blue believed of all the brothers, he was the one who let his parents down the most.

Day Of Reckoning is the endeavor to gain understanding.  Carol McKenzie mirrored real life struggles.   Jack understood society’s views and was strong enough to support Blue, who was still learning to cope.  I found Day Of Reckoning creative, and heart warming.


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