Curse of Cupid by Christine McKay
Valentine Vixens series
Ellora’s Cave
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 9781419909078
Reviewed by Nikita Steele


On the early morning of Valentine’s Day, Nurse Rose Sheridan was on her way home from working the nightshift at a local hospital when she struck something with her car.  Frantic, she immediately hits her brakes and looked around, but all Rose sees are white feathers flying around.  Thinking she’s hit her neighbor’s geese, Rose gets out of the car to see if what she hit is either dead or badly hurt.  Instead of the geese, Rose is shocked to see an injured and unconscious man with wings attached to his back.  Unable to continue allowing the very handsome man to lay hurt, Rose quickly works to repair his injures and in the process cuts her finger with the arrow she pulls out of his wounded side.  When the man regains consciousness, he informs her that he’s Constantine, also know as Cupid, and that both of them have been stuck by his love arrow. 

Constantine was destined to be a slave to Eros, the goddess of love - a bond that he could never break due to a curse.  However, as luck would have it, Constantine has a chance to break the curse and to become a free man.  All he has to do on this Valentine’s Day is find a willing human love who will aid him in deciphering the Goddess of Fates’ riddles that involve six specific sexual encounters within a twenty-four hour period.

Will Rose go along with Constantine’s quest to become a free man?

I found Curse of Cupid to be an amusing, humorous, entertaining and erotic read that left me breathless with great desire.  Instead of Cupid bring countless couples together on Valentine’s Day; it was good to see him finally fall in love for a change.  Curse of Cupid will have you in a constant state of arousal from start to finish.  The love scenes between Constantine and Rose were wickedly naughty and intensely passionate.  It was an enjoyable delight to watch the couple trying to solve the sexual riddle in order to break Constantine’s curse.  One particular scene that involved a leather incident was hot enough to curl my toes.  Whew! Upon completion, I am sure that readers will agree that Curse of Cupid was a fun book to read.


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