Costumes by Sean MacReady
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-55410-740-7
Reviewed by Tanya



Tiffany Sterling is a privileged, if somewhat stuck up, Austin High School socialite.  She is dating the star football player and seems to be picking up a drinking problem.  She realizes while she is having sex with her boyfriend that he is about to dump her and it doesn’t even bother her.

Matt is a young man who is currently Tiffany’s tutor and in a few of her classes at school.  He is an orphan and has an unsavory past, but is working hard now to be able to put himself through college.

Matt takes Tiffany out on a date but when she starts to drink he is turned off and quickly takes her home. She is stunned.  Why wouldn’t this guy want to make out with her etc…?  What is obvious is that Tiffany is just doing what she sees at home, and is looking for a way to feel good about why she is doing these things.  She runs immediately to Matt when things get really bad at home because she realizes he is the one friend that won’t judge her.

Costumes is written by a male who obviously respects women, by the way he delicately handles their emotions.  It is interesting to see a man write in this genre, I am all for it.  But, with this particular book I found all the erotica to be unsettling, which is not the norm for me.  I think this story was a wonderful coming of age, young love story that was ruined by all the sex, including scenes with the parents.  I am interested to read more by this author as it was very well written but I will stick to stories with people in their 20-s and 30’s.


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