Chocolate and Power Tools by Vic Winter,
Angel, and Jennifer Joyce
Torquere Press
GLBT Contemporary (M/M)
Taste Test
Reviewed by Cassie



You Donít Bring Me Chocolates  by Vic Winter

Dylan and Eric have a great relationship.  They share everything, but every year on Valentineís Day Eric leaves for the day and wonít tell Dylan where heís going.  Will Eric ever trust Dylan with his secret?

You Donít Bring Me Chocolates was a cute, fun story.  Dylan wants to know where Eric is going, but he trusts his lover and tries not to push too much.  Eric was a sweet and caring lover, yet he had a hint of mystery about him because of the Valentineís Day mystery.  I loved reading about these two guys.  The whole time I was dying to find out Ericís secret.  Vic Winterís story has a great twist at the end, and I think most readers will find it as surprising and amusing as I did!


Laying Plans  by Jennifer Joyce

Terry and Bex work together as fashion designers.  Itís Valentineís Day, and each of them has been making special plans for the night.  Will Bex like what Terry has planned?

Laying Plans was a very hot story!  Terry and Bex made a cute couple.  Although I would have liked to know more about them, their caring for each other was obvious.  The love scene was delicious (literally!).  I havenít read anything else by Jennifer Joyce, but I will certainly be on the lookout for more of her work.


Stolen Chocolates Taste Sweetest  by Angel

Rafael has come to an AIDS benefit to pick pockets.  Heís about to get away with it when he tries to pick the pocket of a former professor of his, Dr. Damian Castel.  Damian catches him, but rather than turn him in he gives Rafe a choice: give everything back then leave with him and he wonít turn Rafe in.  Will Rafe take him up on the offer?

Stolen Chocolates Taste Sweetest had an interesting premise.  A professor and a thief seemed like a promising match, and the sex was hot, but I had trouble getting emotionally invested in this one.  Rafe came across as a manipulative scammer at first, and because of him I had some trouble feeling the love between the two characters.  Angel certainly writes a good sex scene, and I think if she had chosen a more appealing hero I would have enjoyed the story even more.


Chocolate and Power Tools caught my attention right away, because I love chocolate.  Like the candy, these stories were sweet and enjoyable.  Chocolate lovers (and lovers of gay romance) will like this tasty treat!


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