Challenging Carter by Kate Davies
Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-324-9
Reviewed by Gracie



Dani is the perfect “nice” girl: she is a bit conservative, hard-working, and secretly in love with her best friend and boss, Carter.  Dani cannot believe when Carter insists she join in the Wellness Challenge.  So, after some serious consideration, she joins a step aerobics class.  Boy is Dani in for a huge surprise—her class is actually a strip aerobics class.

Carter loves his job and he loves working with his best friend, Dani.  Carter constantly tries to help Dani loosen up and not take things quite so seriously.  Carter enjoys watching Dani rise to the challenges he puts in front of her.

After the initial shock, Dani decides to stick out her strip aerobics class and, if she is completely honest with herself, she enjoys it.  Carter offers to work out with Dani after hours.  Dani agrees as long as Carter promises to let her practice by herself.  All goes well until the night Carter walks in to find Dani “exercising.”  They are both take advantage of the sexually charged moment, but how will they feel in the morning?  Will Dani and Carter find a way to take their relationship to the next level or will they loose their long lasting friendship?

Challenging Carter was an absolute treat and I loved every minute of it!  Dani is a great woman who just does not have enough confidence to act on her feelings for Carter.  Carter is a sexy guy who is not willing to risk his friendship with the one person he can always count on.  I enjoyed watching Dani’s confidence grow and the sexual tension between her and Carter explode!  Challenging Carter definitely meets the challenge of thoroughly pulling me into a great story and not letting me go until the very end.  Kate Davies has another winner to add to her shelf!


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