Ceremony of Seduction by Cassie Ryan
Seduction series, Book 1
Fantasy Romance
ISBN 10: 0758220650 13: 978-0758220653
Reviewed by Amelia



Alyssa Moss has lived a sad life in the shadow of her beautiful family members.  One of the only things that keeps her sane is the nightly visits from a beautiful man named Stone, though he always takes her on a wild ride but leaves before the act is consummated.  It leaves her frustrated and makes her take matters into her own hands.

For twenty-three years, First Prince Stone of the Klacks has searched for the kidnapped Princess Alyssandra.  He can connect with her in her dreams, but he has not found her physical body.  Now that heís located her, heís over the moon.  He tells her that she is the First Princess of Tador, the chosen Queen, and he is her betrothed.

Alyssa canít believe her luck.  Sheís never felt at home with her family and now sheís finally found people that look like her and make her feel at home.  These people are highly sexual and she feels right at home with them until she hears about the ceremony for her twenty-fourth birthday, her coming of age.  That makes her just a tad nervous.  She has other things to worry about too, like the fact that the race of people who held her captive for twenty-three years, want her back so they can have their own ceremony and extract revenge on the people of Tador.

From the first erotic word to the last sensual line, Ceremony of Seduction wove a spell around me and didnít let go.  I loved the world that Ms. Ryan created.  The people of Tador are highly sensual and very loving.  I couldnít help but fall in love with them all and the way Ms. Ryan portrays them.

I canít wait for the second book in the series to see how things play out.  Tador is a fantastic world that I hope Ms. Ryan plans to write about again and again so I can revisit it each time.


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