Centaurfold by Emily Veinglory, Fiona Glass, and Kay Derwyyd
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Paranormal Anthology
Reviewed by Nannette



The Teacher by Emily Veinglory

Klepius is a centaur and Clarius is the young man who assists him.  Clarius’ attraction to Klepius is strong, but Klepius doesn’t feel man enough to be with anyone.  Is sending Claruis away the answer?

The Teacher is a story with angst and a bittersweet ending.  Klepius and Clarius are very entertaining, Clarius for his charm and Klepius for his brooding nature. 

Forgotten Race by Fiona Glass

After a long journey with a team of men, Frank Carstairs has just discovered a lost city!  His greatest discovery though is Jason, a centaur who lives there.  What Jason shows Frank may keep him there for a long, long while.

In Forgotten Race, Jason’s anatomy is quite unique, I found what he does to Frank with his body amazing and strangely titillating.  Forgotten Race is a good story with a sweet ending.

Pets by Kay Derwyyd

Captain Ian Bishop was captured by centaurs and put in a cage to be sold as a pet.  He is shocked when “the” Terian Thunderhoof comes to claim him.

Pets is an intriguing story that held me riveted to each page.  The loving between Ian and Terian is sweet and hot.  Pets is a terrific story with plenty of heat and romance as well.

Although I confess that centaurs are not my usual choice of characters to read, this trio of stories fascinated me.  Each story is well written and engaging.  Centaurfold amazed and intrigued me from start to finish. 


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