Castoffs by Angela Fiddler
Loose Id
GLBT Vampire Paranormal (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-408-4
Reviewed by Sabella



Janus is a vampire and he takes it upon himself to protect the humans that live on the streets.  Other vampires call these people rats, that are only good for feeding them, but Janus believes that they are deserving of more respect.  Janus is willing to go up against the powers that be to protect those he considers his.  Suddenly, Janus finds himself with a newly turned vampire that appears on the doorstep of his lair and he needs to play politics in order to keep him.

Lyall canít remember much else besides his name.  Instinct does tell him how to entice with his body to get what he wants.  However, Janus doesnít play Lyallís game and he is left at a loss on how to manage Janus.  Lyall needs to learn how to survive in this strange vampire world and he needs trust that Janus has his best interests at heart.

Castoffs  is a strange and convoluted tale.  If you are a mystery lover you might enjoy untangling plot of this book.  The principal storyline is very interesting, but I did find my attention wandering.  There are so many sub-plots I was constantly trying to figure out what was going on.  The supernatural elements were not clearly explained, so I was constantly trying to decipher their meaning and their implications for the characters.  As well, the sexual encounters between the characters were a little dry and forced.  Castoffs is an interesting book if you enjoy vampire tales and dark, twisty plots, but donít look to it if you are looking for a sensual romance.


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