Callie’s Sexy Surprise by Trista Ann Michaels
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909597
Ménage a trios/Contemporary Romance/Friends
Reviewed by Tanya



Callie is a web site designer who works out of her home, which she shares with 2 roommates that she’s had since college.  Callie, Derek and Brian got along so well in college that when they found their careers taking them to the same location, they decided to continue rooming together.

The only problem is, after all these years, Callie suddenly is having erotic dreams as well as daydreams about a ménage with her roommates.  She is afraid that she is the only one that feels this way and doesn’t want to risk their friendship so she decides to book a vacation, alone, at a fantasy resort.

Derek is stunned the afternoon that he gets out of work early and comes home to find Callie on the phone with the resort.  She hasn’t heard him, but he hears the conversation where she is trying to set up a ménage with men that sound exactly like himself and Brian.  He and Brian have shared women before and had recently talked about desiring Callie, but didn’t want to risk their friendship.  They secretly book the same vacation and convince the resort owners that they need to be the ones that Callie is with.

When Callie arrives at the resort she is escorted to a room that is more expensive than she arranged, but the biggest surprise is what she finds on her bed, clad only in jeans.  Brian and Derek are hoping she doesn’t throw them out and will let nature take its course.

Callie’s Sexy Surprise lives up to its name, it is a sexy surprise.  Trista Ann Michaels writes likeable characters in super hot scenes.  She also gives enough background to the characters and plot line, so that I was able to completely imagine the scenes that were created.  I enjoyed this spicy tale and look for titles by this author in the future


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