Built by Amie Stuart, Jami Alden, Bonnie Edwards
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1923-7
Reviewed by Amelia



Kink by Amie Stuart

DíAngelo works for his fatherís air conditioning business. One day, while repairing a unit in his Aunt Gloís beauty shop, he sees Cherise, a drop dead gorgeous blond who makes him warm all over. Even after his cousin Vivi tells him that Cherise is bisexual, he knows that he just has to have her.

The two of them begin a relationship that takes DíAngelo to places heís never been before. Along the way, he makes some interesting discoveries about Cherise - some that scare him, and some that make him love her even more.

Kink is told in first person, from DíAngeloís point of view. That fact alone gave me pause at first, but I soon found myself pulled into the story, and loving the way that it was told. It was interesting to see things from a manís perspective. The ending of the story, however, left me wanting more. I was so wrapped up in this coupleís world that I wanted to see exactly where it was going. I hope that Ms. Stuart plans to take readers back to DíAngelo and Cheriseís world so that I can see how this couple works out together.


Down and Dirty by Jami Alden

Taylor Flynn is a successful businesswoman. Sheís risen above the life of poverty she led as a child to become a very successful venture capitalist. She and her boyfriend, Steven, have a good relationship, to her way of thinking, and she owns a great house.

One Saturday morning she is sleeping late after working on a proposal all night when she is awakened by the sound of lawn work next door. She goes over to tell the gardener that he needs to hold it down and is shocked to find out that the gardener is her neighbor, Joe Tierney.

Taylor is attracted to Joe, even though she knows that heís not her usual type. But when Steven turns out to be a jerk, Joe is there to help her overcome her hurt. Taylor sees their relationship as a fun time while she searches for a businessman to date for real. Joe knows that, in the end, Taylor may hurt him, but he canít keep away from her.

Down and Dirty is a fun read that packs a punch. I loved Joe and the way he reacted to Taylor, both when she was being good, and being bitchy to him. The two of them are perfect matches, and watching them discover it was pure joy.


Rock Solid by Bonnie Edwards

Carpenter Jake McKay is sound asleep in Florida when he receives a call from Seattle asking him to come and take part in the renovation of Perdition House.  He wouldnít agree, normally, but the womanís voice is so sexy, he just canít resist.

Landscaper Lexa Creighton receives a similar call. When she gets there, she meets Jake, and they are immediately attracted to each other.

The attraction is easy for Jake to explain. He knows that McKay men feel electrical charges when they meet the one woman that is for them. Now all he has to do is convince Lexa of that fact. But they also have to fight the ghosts of Perdition House, ladies of the evening who are encouraging Jake and Lexa to have sex at every turn in the house, and in every conceivable way.

Rock Solid is a steamy, ghostly tale of love. Jake and Lexa are both sexy, strong characters who belong together. Making this story the most fun is Aunt Belle and the Perdition ghosts.  Rock Solid will hold readers spellbound.


Built is a great gathering of sexy stories that is sure to entice, and tantalize readers.


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