Broken by Kelley Armstrong
Bantam Spectra
ISBN: 0-553-58818-4
Reviewed by Lyonene



Elena is a rarity; she’s the only living female werewolf and she’s pregnant…something that has never happened before with two werewolf parents.  Elena is very strong willed (and that’s putting it mildly) and her mate, Clay, would have her no other way.  Well, he would prefer that she curbed her wildness until after she has the baby…as would her pack leader, Jeremy.

Jeremy and Clay have been hunting for David Hargrave, a rogue werewolf that has been killing humans.  Xavier, a half demon, has approached Elena with a deal; he’ll give up Hargrave’s location if they’ll appropriate for him the ‘from Hell letter’ reported to have been written by Jack the Ripper.  They decide to take the job, but shortly after they have it, all Hell starts breaking loose in Toronto.  Elena and her pack have to race against time to find a way to close the portal before things get worse.

Broken is a fantastic, action-packed story that has humor and horror, love and passion and it grabbed my attention immediately, drawing me in and taking me on a wild ride that I completely and thoroughly enjoyed.  Kelley Armstrong brings Broken to full and blazing life with both her believable storyline and her true to life characters.  I haven’t read either Bitten or Stolen yet, but I will be getting them on my next trip to the bookstore.  For lovers of werewolves and vampires with a demon or two thrown in for good measure Broken is a wonderful choice to read.


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