Brianna’s Navy SEAL by Natalie J. Damschroder
Brook Hollow trilogy, book 3
Amber Quill
ISBN: 978-1-59279-653-3
Reviewed by Delia



Brianna Macgregor used to long for adventure and excitement until one of her adventures turned tragic. Now she’s content with her career as an elementary school teacher and leaves the adventures to others.

Cable Addison is an ex-Navy SEAL who has left his dangerous career behind him. He is now just Mr. Addison, a first year kindergarten teacher. He is ready to settle down and the beautiful teacher across the hall might be just what he’s looking for.

A jealous woman scorned and an old nemesis of Cable’s, both intent on destroying Brianna’s and Cable’s relationship, bring danger back into both their lives. Brianna and Cable each have to decide if their newfound love is strong enough to withstand the threats they face.

Brianna’s Navy SEAL is full of adventure, danger, and sizzling passion. Natalie Damschroder keeps the reader engrossed page after page. Cable is a SEAL with an unexpected tender side. Who would imagine a gung ho SEAL as a kindergarten teacher? There are moments of humor along with a plot that keeps the reader guessing.  Both Cable and Brianna have fears and obstacles that they must overcome in order to be together.  Characters from the previous books make an appearance, but this story stands on its own. Now that I’ve read the last in the series, I have to read the first two! Brook Hollow rocks!


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