Brianna’s Magic by Delia Carnell
Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-59632-418-3
Reviewed by Rosemary



The first time Michael saw Brianna, it was a magical night, the kind of night when the faeries could not resist dancing under the stars.  To Brianna, an Irish witch, there is nothing more important to her than preserving the ways of the past and her family’s magic, which includes her family’s sacred lands.  She picked her way across the field; everyone knew the faeries lived in the sacred circle.  Carefully avoiding stepping on sacred faerie ground, she sprinkled powders while chanting some words in the ancient language.  The spell cast, Brianna walked up the hill to the ancient castle and took a seat.

Brianna had made it her personal mission to preserve everything for her family and the generations to come, but it was becoming more difficult to practice the old magic. 

Irish-American, Michael Gallagher, stared across the open field at a figure moving across his newly purchased land towards the ruins.  Filled with curiosity, he climbed a small hill near the ruins, reaching the edge of the ruin; he walked inside, a girl sat with her eyes closed.  Michael stepped closer, wanting a better look at her.  She stood up, not a smidgen of fear showing on her proud Irish face.  Who are you? Brianna asked.  I’m Michael Gallagher, he answered with a smile.  Brianna looked him over; he had the devil’s own smile.  Somehow he’d managed to walk right up to her even after she had cast her spell.  Michael didn’t believe in magic, but something about being in this romantic country had done strange things to his head, like impulsively buying this land with a castle ruin.  Brianna was about to learn her land had been sold to Michael.

One shared look, and Brianna’s thoughts are inflamed.  Michael is determined to have Brianna.  Both are moved to wonder if Michael had some magic of his own.   I enjoyed Michael’s discovery of his magic, and Brianna’s love for the land.    Brianna’s Magic inspired me to look for the magic, but the storyline did not convey the emotions well enough to fully maintain my interest. 


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