Blood Moon by Mike Shade
Torquere Press
Erotic Gay Paranormal
Reviewed by Cassie



Werewolf Mike has gone to the city in hopes of finding some companionship for the night.  He meets a tall, pale, sexy man named Steven. When they flee together to avoid a raid they end up spending the night together.  They are incredibly compatible in bed, but will they stay together when they discover each otherís secrets?

A word of caution: Blood Moon is HOT!  Mike and Steven are both paranormal creatures, and as such they arenít always subject to the same rules as humans are.  This made for some scorching sex scenes.  I enjoyed the way the relationship between Mike and Steven developed, with Mike more willing to commit and Steven wary of love but slowly coming to accept it.  Stevenís behavior during a crisis was both realistic, based on his character and heartwarming.  The conflict in Blood Moon was interesting as well, although I would have liked there to be more of it.  Really, the only weakness this book had was the sex-to-plot ratio, which was skewed a bit too much in favor of the sex.  Mike Shade has definitely demonstrated his skill at writing incredibly hot love scenes, and in this book he proves he can write fascinating paranormal characters as well.  Blood Moon is the second book of Mr. Shadeís I have read, and it certainly wonít be the last!


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