Better Not Cry by H.A. Fowler
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 1-59578-319-9
Reviewed by Bella March



Jenny Waverly was once married to the wealthy, stuffy, self-centered Leonard Bentley Waverly III.  Now, all she has to show for it, thankfully, is her sweet, vivacious son, Bentley.  While Leo has pretty much been an absentee father, heís surprised Jenna this year by demanding to have Bent stay with him for Christmas.  This leaves Jenna alone for the holidays and at a loss for what to do.

Attempting to get into the Christmas spirit, she delves into decorating her home and wrapping presents for her sonís return.  Thatís when she notices an odd ornament on her tree of a small, purple faerie, that, when mixed with her tears, comes to full-sized life.   Phinn, the faerie, tells her heís been exiled from his home and is now here to fulfill all her wildest fantasies.   Is he real, and whatís more, will he be there in the morning?

Iím open to paranormal stories and have a curious fascination for faeries.  However, I wasnít sure what to expect when reading Better Not Cry, especially with the miniature, purple faerie.  I donít know if Iíd call Phinn an Alpha hero, but he sure was delicious.  Curious of the humanís world, able to adapt well to his surroundings, protective when needed and oh so sensual and sensitive to all her needs, heís Jennaís dream come true.  The only issue I had with Better Not Cry is that it was set at Christmas.  Granted, the ornament would have looked odd, say, hanging out on the counter after she got home from work, but Christmas in April was a distraction for me.  Iíd prefer to read a story that is close to the time of year that it currently is, especially when it revolves around a holiday.  Saying all that, Better Not Cry is well written and Iíll read H.A. Fowlerís work again.


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