Being Randy by Ashlyn Chase
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Shapeshifter
ISBN: 9781419908637
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Randy is in a predicament not of his choosing.  He was struck by lightning months ago, which made him shift from his coyote form into his human form.  Unable to return to coyote form and since walking around completely nude is frowned upon, he was picked up by law enforcement officers and brought to a psychiatric hospital.  No one believes his story until he tells a new nurse, Sky. 

Randy cherishes the time he and Sky spend talking and he wants nothing more than to leave the hospital and return to his beloved hills.  Sky vows she will do everything she can to help, even if letting him go is what he wants. 

Being a huge fan of the Shapeshifter genre, I emphatically and whole heartedly wanted to read Being Randy.  I loved the blurb and so I settled in for a sexy shape shifting coyote read.  Being Randy was not what the blurb led me to believe. I did not get a sinfully erotic shape shifting coyote. I got a coyote in clown clothing.  I got extremely icky hurried sex in a psychiatric hospital quiet room.  I got nothing out of Being Randy other than disappointment. Was it well written? Yes. Were the characters likeable? Yes.  Did I buy the story? No.  Unsure of what exactly the authorís purpose was, I fought my way through the story waiting on the plot to thicken, the sex to get more erotic, something that would ease my way into liking this book.  That didnít happen.  While some readers may enjoy bumbling comedy with a bit of fast paced sex in between, I am not that type of reader.  Being Randy could have been so much more with just a bit more fine tuning and a lot more editing to make the segues flow a bit smoother.  I recommend passing on Being Randy this week, it was not a book I enjoyed at all. 


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