Bedding the Beast by Doreen DeSalvo
Loose Id
Paranormal Historical
ISBN: 978-1-59632-411-4
Reviewed by Indy



Lonely and bitter Giovanni DiAngelo, also known as John, doesn’t expect anything but some of his money back from his last mail order bride. When her frail sister ends up on his door as repayment for his last wife’s early demise he’s more than a little unhappy.  Being the hardened man he is he tells her to go away—until the threat of his neighbors finding out about his callous behavior causes him to rethink his position. Mariana Del Dio Russo is in the low side of scrawny but being a good wife is important to her. Even as she tries to make herself an asset to John, all she’s met with are scowls and angry words; words that don’t matter under the cover of darkness and the delight of sexual exploration.  Mariana and John will have to deal with more than each other as a ethereal spirit wants to have her say in how this new “marriage” will work out.

I stand before you today to admit I’m a total nutcase for historicals. Add in the tortured man, as gruff and crude as the land he tills and I’m in an orgasmic filled heaven.  Bedding the Beast gave it to me just like I love it, raw, emotionally charged with tons of what in the puritan days was known as “dirty” sex.  Doreen DeSalvo created two characters that if you didn’t pay close attention would make you pity them. Mariana may have lacked the curves of a Marilyn Monroe but she had a nurturing spirit and the determination needed to win over John. A man who needed special care so long having thought he didn’t measure up. This book was awesome and had me tearing up at times when I wasn’t sitting there engulfed in the lovers’ bliss.


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