Beau and the Lady Beast by Morgan Ashbury
Siren Publishing
Erotic Contemporary May-December Fairy Tale/BDSM
ISBN: 1-933563-03-6-A2
Reviewed by Sharon



With a twist on the classic beauty and the beast tale comes Beau and the Lady Beast. The beau in this story is Beau Brannigan, a rich, former model and current stockholder of MacLean Cosmetics, a company run by Isadora MacLean.  Isadora doesn’t suffer fools lightly, and that’s what Beau is in her mind – a fool, albeit a handsome, younger fool, whose sheer presence reminds her that she is a woman.  However Isadora refuses to acknowledge her feelings because she was badly burned by her former husband.  But like the fairy tale, Beau confronts the beast, this time on his grounds.

As a child, I was never a big fan of the beauty and the beast fairytale – I thought the dad was a weak toad - but I digress.  There are no toad-like characters in Beau and the Lady Beast. In fact, Beau is a stone-cold fox.  It is obvious that Beau has deep feelings for Isadora but since he is playing for keeps, he has to prove to her that she can count on him to keep her safe and that her strength and assertiveness do not turn him off.  Beau and the Lady Beast is likely to become one of your favorite bedtime stories.


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