Argus: In Dreams by Tina Bendoni
Loose ID
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-1-59632-373-5
Reviewed by Niniri



For the past several years, author Diana Temis has been dreaming about the adventures and exploits of a covert military unit, penning best selling novels based upon those dreams.  She never thought that the hero of her stories might not be a figment of her imagination.

On the surface, Gabe Montgomery is a troubleshooter and security consultant, but like his chance meeting with Diana, there is much more to the man than meets the eye. It's destiny.

Saving the world was never on Diana's list of priorities, nor was finding out that the gorgeous man in her bed was the real-life demon-fighting commando she's been dreaming of.  It's a lot for any woman to accept, even one as independent as Diana.  Can she make peace with her heritage and find the courage to face a life where truth proves far stranger than fiction?

Argus: In Dreams is an action packed thriller that I couldn't put down.  The story flows smoothly and had my attention from the first page.  Diana and Gabe are a great pair with the right mojo for love at first sight.  I felt as though I were discovering the elements of mystery right along side them, yet there wasn't quite enough detail to satisfy the curiosity of my inner sleuth.  I would've enjoyed a bit more depth and exposition of the legacy to better comprehend the intricate tapestry that Ms. Bendoni weaves into this exciting story.


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