Alexander by Markeeta Karland
The Horsemen
Changeling Press
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 1-59596-630-7
Reviewed by Niniri



Alexander the Great has returned, riding the White Horse of conquest.  Called Alex Magas, there is little he and his beloved companion, Heston, have not mastered in their quest to unite the world under a single banner.  They meet Madeea, an unusually sensitive empath, in New York City.

The deep, enduring love that Alex and Heston share provides a haven from the living hell Madeea has been unable to escape.  She knows she's found a key to the sense of purpose that holds her prisoner and agrees to aid the lovers in the negotiations that will alter the course of history.  Will she be left behind once Alex and Heston complete their mission and return to paradise? Or will she be left behind in the aftermath, alone in another unending nightmare?

I thoroughly enjoyed Alexander and the tantalizing view of a future world that echoes with relevance to the world of today.  Ms. Karland has crafted a poignant tale of love, conquest that is emotionally gripping and engaging.  One can be sure that I'll be rereading this and eagerly anticipating the next installment in The Horsemen series!


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