A Winterís Dare by Leigh Ellwood
ISBN: 1-59426-569-0
Reviewed by Klarissa



Having come to Dareville, Devon searched out information on Athena.  A once slave who decided to stay with her masterís daughter after his death.  Many believed these two, Polly Dare and Athena, were just great friends.  Devon finds out more.  Especially with a beautiful guide leading the tour through the old house, his attention is alert.

Not expecting any more visitors to the museum for the day, Kate Robeson decides to leave early, but runs into Devon on her way out.  His curiosity and his connection to the house intrigue Kate, so she takes him on a tour.  When these two get together, magic happens for them and the ghosts that haunt the museum.

A Winterís Dare is an entertaining read.  I loved the ghosts and how Kate handled the mischief created.  The pages heat up quickly with Kate and Devonís instant attraction.  I love Leigh Ellwoodís stories and A Winterís Dare is no different.


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