A Tail in Two Cities by T. H. Ailward
Torquere Press
Gay Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Cassie



Michael, an angel and Human Suicide Prevention Executive, is in the human realm to help one of his “clients”.  A seriously depressed British politician named Charles.  While there, he meets up with Ben, a sexy, free-spirited demon.  Ben decides he wants to help Michael help his client, so he starts bending the rules in order to make Charles happy.  Michael knows he’s not supposed to bend the rules, or spend time with demons, but he can’t seem to resist.  Will he stick with his frustrating, bureaucratic job and boring life, or will he have the courage to reach out for what he wants?

A Tail in Two Cities was a sweet story with great world-building.  T. H. Ailward portrays the angel realm as surprisingly like ours, with prejudices and daily annoyances, yet at the same time intriguingly different from our own.  Michael’s frustration with the paperwork and bureaucracy of his job was easy to identify with, and Ben made a very believable temptation.  While I would have liked a bit more spice in the relationship between Ben and Michael (the love scenes take place off screen), I enjoyed reading A Tail in Two Cities very much, and I hope there will be more “tails” set in this world!


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