Winning Virgin Lust by Destiny Blaine

Winning Virgin, Book 3


Erotic Paranormal/Vampire/Ménage/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 9781606011430

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Constance Spenser wakes up in a strange bed after a night out on the town.  With an aching head and swiftly beating heart, she realizes that she has no earthly idea who she is or where she slept the night before.  Sebastian Sabbat comes to the rescue and let’s her know who he is and that they were together.  Then, his brother Gabriel adds himself into the mix to make a vampire ménage-a- trios.  It’s bad enough that the Sabbat family and Spenser family don’t get along but when the last Sabbat brother interferes, things go from bad to worse.

This is my first and last Destiny Blaine book.  Winning Virgin Lust just was not the book for me. The dialogue was hard to understand, the characters were one dimensional, and I usually never fault a book for its editing but Winning Virgin Lust had serious mistakes throughout the entire manuscript that threw me out of the story.  The sentence structure alone of this book made my teacher’s heart cringe and I had to more than once stop reading and put the book down. It was the hardest book I have ever tried to read and understand.  Because of this, I highly recommend passing on Winning Virgin Lust.


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