What a Pirate Desires by Michelle Beattie

Berkley Sensation

Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-0425224939

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Samantha Fine’s entire family was slaughtered five years ago by a man only known as Dervish.  Samantha didn’t perish that night but wished she had as she was enslaved by a vile plantation owner along with her friend Joe. As soon as they are able both escape and Samantha’s revenge against the man that murdered her family begins.  It begins with her transformation from Samantha Fine to Sam Steele, a pirate of the seas. Her crew knows she is a woman but no matter, Sam is feared for the raider that she is.  When she needs help to find Dervish, she successfully finds Luke Bradley; a man who used to sail with Dervish and who now wants him just as much as Sam.

Swashbuckling action aside, What a Pirate Desires is a good read – the characters were somewhat cliché but I found the wit that Samantha possessed quite humorous and loved the banter between she and Luke.  I couldn’t find any fault with What a Pirate Desires and actually enjoyed a pleasant afternoon read.


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