Unexpected Mr. Right by Kelley Nyrae

Friday's at Luciano's, Book 2

Parker Publishing


ISBN: 978-1600430497

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Dreaming since she was little of finding her own Mr. Right, Tabitha Harris has found herself more than once on the wrong side of heartbreak.  Now years older and wiser to the way men operate, Tabitha is able to keep them at a distance – that way she can no longer get hurt.  Nico Valenti, however, is the one man that just might get through the boundaries Tabitha has set for herself. And he does; quite unexpectedly.

I found Unexpected Mr. Right by Kelley Nyrae to be a pleasant and engaging read.  Tabitha’s character was a bit harsher than I usually enjoy but I chalked it up to her numerous unsuccessful relationships.  Nico – he made me squirm.  There was nothing about this hot man I didn’t like.  What did I love about him though? I loved the fact that he took a woman afraid to love, treated her like the gem she was, and made her believe again.  Unexpected Mr. Right was a great story.


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