Trapped by Selena Illyria

Blood Claim, Book 1

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-851-8

Reviewed by Jo



Kit has never recovered from the harsh refusal she received when offered as a consort to Rysen.  It might have been over a hundred years ago, but for a vampire that is a blink of time.  However, Kit has been busy in the time since then and has become a well know assassin.  It's amazing what you can do when you have overwhelming anger and hurt guiding you.  Now she is ready to put down roots and has just purchased a hotel to redo and open.

Rysen never wanted to hurt Kit but he refused her because of how it was handled, not because he didn’t want her.  Rysen felt her clan was using her without regard just for a power play. Now he has waited long enough and he wants to claim Kit as not only his consort but also his queen.  Little does he realise just how much hurt there still is inside Kit.

Rysen and Kit are trapped in her hotel when an unknown clan attacks.  But who are they after—Rysen or Kit?  More importantly—why?  This is just the first of the problems that face both Rysen and Kit.  The passion and hunger that they have been fighting is coming to a head.  When the dust settles will Kit and Rysen find a way to settle their differences and solve the differences with the new clan?

Trapped shows just how misunderstandings can lead to hurt and pain not easily forgotten.  Kit was hurt to the bone when Rysen rejected her as his consort and bottled it up to aid her in becoming a very successful assassin.  Rysen has wanted Kit from the moment he first laid eyes on her but his actions were from the head and not the heart.  The hunger they both felt over a hundred years ago cannot be ignored when they can’t escape each other.  I was drawn in by the hurt each felt, her for the rejection and him in having hurt her that badly.  I found the two-fold plot very interesting as it gave so much more than just Kit and Rysen finding each other and coming to some terms.  I was a bit taken aback when the story ended so abruptly, it felt like part of the book was missing.  However, I’m hoping that means that Ms. Illyria has more books just waiting to roll out.  Trapped takes place in the unusual world of vampire clans—one that will capture you.


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