Those Who Cherish by Jamie Craig

Amber Quill Press

Amber Allure

M/M Historical Western

ISBN: 978-1-60272-451-8



His crime was defending his land against a corrupt sheriff.  His punishment was to be beaten and left to die hanging from a tree in the middle of nowhere with only the vultures circling and waiting to feast on his rotting remains to witness his death, or so he thought. Ben McKinnon wasnít of man of strong faith but even he had to believe someone was looking over him and believe it wasnít his time to die.

Father Alonzo Vargas has gotten used to being alone with only Angelica, his donkey, to talk to. After all itís been about year since he was exiled to the abandoned presidio after he stood up against the corrupt Sheriff Cullen. Sheriff Cullen has already decided to dislike him so as far as Father Alonzo was concerned saving the life of the nearly dead man he came upon hanging from a tree would just have to be something else for him to add to the list.

Alone in the abandoned presidio Alonzo and Ben speak of the things they cherished, Benís land and Alonzoís faith, but as they spend more time together they begin to realize that their respect and growing feelings for each other may be what they cherish most.

Those Who Cherish is a story of two men struggling to hold on to what they believe in and live a life they could respect.  Both men suffered at the hands of corruption, granted Benís suffering was more physical than Alonzoís.  When they found each other they struggled emotionally with the feelings they felt for each other.  Ben already came to terms with his attraction to men but what he felt for Alonzo was more than just physical, and Alonzo never gave in to the pleasures of the flesh, but he could not resist the pleasure Ben offered him. Those Who Cherish is a beautifully written story that will draw it readers in and leave them wanting more.


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