The Sound of White by Carol Lynne

Cattle Valley Series, book 8


M/M Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-906811-48-8

Reviewed by Ley



Abe, Chad, Richard and Collin have very little in common, in fact their lives could not have been anymore different, but when an unexpected blizzard hits Cattle Valley these four men will find what their lives have been missing.

Abe chose to live his life in seclusion with his memories of a past that haunted him. He felt he didnít deserve love and he didnít deserve happiness, but when electrician Collin Zeffer ends up stranded in his cabin after almost freezing to death in the blizzard, Abe couldnít resist what Collin so willingly offers him.

Richard has had bad luck with men; his last boyfriend almost killed him. Finally recovered from the worst beating he ever experienced, Richard knew he had to find a way to get over his need to be dominated, but when he ends up stranded at the Tall Pines Lodge with Chad, its infuriating manager, Richard wants nothing more then for Chad to show him whoís boss.

The Sound of White gives us two romances for the price of one.  Each romance offered us something different. Richard and Chadís union was harsh in comparison to the sweeter and softer romance between Abe and Collin.  Richard craved to be dominated and Chad was exactly what he needed wrapped up in a five foot eight package. Abe needed someone who wanted him for who was now and not for who he used to be and Collin just needed someone to believe in him.  Although I cannot recommend The Sound of White as a must read story it was a likable story and for followers of this series it settled the curiosity of what happens to Richard, and sets up the characters for the next book in the series.


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