The Princess and the Marquess by Aliyah Burke

Midnight Showcase


Reviewed by Nellie


On a quest to do his father’s bidding, Lucien “Wolf” St. Martin set off to the Americas to obey his command. As soon as he landed, Lucien was ready to conduct his business and leave the uncivilized colonies, but fate had other ideas on this matter.

On hearing a distressed cry, Ciara McKay rescued Lucien from inevitable death of being mauled by bear. Due to the unforgiving wintry conditions, tracking down to town with an invalid was not an option, hence Ciara had to put up with a conceited, haughty uninvited guest while he recovered.  Though long chilly nights swirled outside the cabin, indoors the thawed feelings between Wolf and Ciara had ignited an explosive passion and respect for each other. Their little paradise was short-lived as weather conditions cleared and duty and responsibilities called out to the lovers.

Few years later, the two lovers reunite but can they over come the rigid rules dictated by society or succumb to the status quo?

I was swept away by The Princess and the Marquess very descriptive period and the two countries that were showcased.  As the “The heart of the Mountain”, I was saddened when Ciara left her home since she was the very heartbeat of the mountains. I was dismayed with Wolf’s character since he did not seem to learn from past experiences. Though the setting seemed authentic, it just resonated a modern feeling.


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