The Portal by Tess Harrison

Valkyan Rebellion, Book 1

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-344-6

Reviewed by Zayn



General Karrin Loceed needs to use her talent to save her people from the Valkyan.  That means opening the portal for the assassin, Adian to enter and defeat their enemy.  It's not that simple however, because the assassin requires payment for his services and not in coin.  Karrin must sacrifice her body.  If the erotic dreams she is having of Adian are any indication, it might not be a sacrifice after all. 

With the portal open Karrin's dreams quickly become reality. Adding more flame to the fire is the awakening sexual connection between Karrin and her subordinate Charl.  But there is still a battle to be won.

I enjoyed this look at the world Ms. Harrison has created in The Portal.  The passion between Karrin and each of the two guys was intense and it is clear that she has a future with one or both of them but not knowing for sure, left me feeling dissatisfied.  I would also like to know the fate of Karrin's people after the battle with the Valkyan.  The bottom line is that I want more.


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