The Pirate and the Professor by Michelle L. Levigne

Damsels of Distress, Book 3

New Concepts Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60394-176-1

Reviewed by Tanya



Kiryn Encardi’s world took a drastic turn the day she found out her parents had perished on a peacekeeping mission.  Now she is the Captain of her own starship and the head of a pirate crew that has held a colony blockaded for years.  The only irony is that she is highly attracted to the “Professor” that they have sent as a peace envoy to talk and make an alliance with her.  But she won’t let herself care about someone that is from such a technologically un-advanced culture.

Darrak Cain can’t believe the stunning beauty before him that not only is the ship’s Captain but seems to now be holding him hostage.  Why suddenly is his body telling him that he needs to do other things to her than talk?

Will the two work out a personal as well as professional peace?  And will the Professor show the Captain how not to always rely on technology?

I loved The Pirate and the Professor, mostly as the pirate in this story was a woman, where in most traditional stories it would have been the man.  By reversing the roles Ms. Levigne was able to explore a few different angles to the story and I felt it made it fresh and new.  I thoroughly enjoyed the reversal of roles throughout The Pirate and the Professor.


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