The Katzmanís Mate by Stormy Glenn

Siren Publishing

Futuristic M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-280-0

Reviewed by Lisa



Commander Chellak Rai, High Ruler of Katzmann, his brother Ciprian Rai and their troops have reclaimed their home planet from the evil machinations of Voitigern Vedek and his weakling son Viorel Vedek.

One of the first orders of business in restructuring the planet is to abolish slavery.  The Federation of Planets outlawed slavery long ago even though Vedek refused to acknowledge the edict.  Chellak wonít allow Vedek to leave with any Ďpersonalí slaves including a young man named Denyam, known to all as the bruter.

The moment Chellak sees Denyam he senses that the beautiful man is his mate.  Communication between the men is made more problematic by the fact that Denyam is unable to speak.  Troubles mount as the men continue to make assumptions and miscommunicate constantly.  It seems like it will be a miracle if they ever truly understand each other plus, Vedek is still lurking out there, somewhere.

True love and a paranormal romance are delightfully showcased in The Katzmanís Mate.  Readers are treated to hot alphas and sweet submissive characters in this sexy tale.  There are some problems such as too many typos and grammatical mistakes as well as a few tiny holes in the storyline.  But overall, The Katzmanís Mate is a unique, spicy and extremely enchanting romance that will captivate readers from start to finish, including me.


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