The Flame by Jean Johnson

Sons of Destiny, Book 7

Berkley Trade

Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 9780425224052

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Koranen of Nightfall is the seventh-born son and it is time for his involvement with the Curse of Eight prophecy.  His older brothers have each found a woman and now, supposedly, it is his turn.  More than over his ability to turn anything he touches into flames, Koranen also mourns the fact that he will more than likely never find a mate.  Who wants a man whose touch burns and blisters?  Not any of the women Koranen has previously come into contact with, thatís for sure.  His despondency comes to an end however when Aquamancers arrive at his home.  Koranenís Destined Bride has got to be amongst the guests. He just has to find her Ė and he does in the womanly form of Danau, the highest ranked member of the Aquamancy Guild.  Her magic?  Water.  Donít hold your breath Ė things are definitely about to get steamy!

Following Ms. Johnsonís Sons of Destiny series, I was overjoyed to read Koranenís book.  I found myself upset at his curse, which is the flame, because I didnít think he would ever be able to find the one woman that could endure his fiery touch. But he did. Oh boy did he ever!  Danau has been turned off of love ever since a failed relationship. Living only for her job and being made fun of because of it, I loved how Koranen turned her world upside down.  More than once they made me laugh at the banter and quick wit each portrayed while talking to each other. 

The Flame was worth waiting for.  I have to caution new readers Ė not a bad thing Ė but new readers will definitely have to read this enigmatic and addicting series in order.  I found myself going back more than once to clarify details in previous books.  Fiery passions ignite the pages of The Flame and I loved every single spark!


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